Green Mission

I just realized in my last post I mentioned my position at my daughter’s preschool, the Green Mission Coordinator, but I didn’t explain what it is.  At Rainbow’s preschool each family is required to do a volunteer school job and this year my job is being in charge of organizing environmental activities in and out of the classroom.  However, my daughter’s preschool has an amazing teacher with so much experience putting together environmental activities for preschoolers that I really don’t have to do much in the class room.  Since I was starting to feel like I wasn’t doing much in my school position, I brainstormed and came up with starting a school green mission newsletter.


November’s newsletter I made

Each month I come up with an environmental theme and I come up with projects  that toddlers can do at home, a list of local activities that have to do with the theme, some tips for adults regarding the theme, and book suggestions.  I had a really good time putting together the newsletter.

Fall was November’s theme.  For example one article was about my Fall bucket list of things parents can do with their toddlers.

1) Go pick apples: There are lots of local pick your own apple orchards around Seattle.  I am pro having toddlers see where their food comes from.

2) Leafs: Collect leafs and makes collages.  Also collect leafs and twigs and have them make a nest.

3) Talk about Fall globally:  How do people around the world celebrate Fall?  Right now in Seattle it’s cold and rainy but what is November like in Australia?  You can get lots of pictures and video on the internet and spend some time discussing this with your little one.




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